Importer, Distributor,
and Wholesaler of
food products from
all over Asia

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About Us

Dong Phuong Distributor started in 1981 as a local distribution company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We specialize in the import of products from all over Asia, sourced from regions such as China, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and the United States. We pride ourselves in developing strong supplier relationships in order to provide our consumers with an array of specialty Asian products at competitive prices. With our diverse product lines, we own the exclusive import/distribution rights to well established brands such as Thailand’s MAMA noodle, Vietnam’s Mam Viet and many others. Dong Phuong Distributor aims to provide personalized customer service, prompt delivery and competitive prices. Our multilingual team is ready to help serve your business need. Contact us today to get started.


We are an importer of Asian food products from all over Asia. We import products from Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Laos, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

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We supply and distribute food products to various restaurants, grocery markets and small businesses.

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We have a large selection of food products ranging from beverages, sauces, noodles, canned goods, rice products, kitchenware, and frozen products at competitive prices.

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Dong Phuong Distributor (Tell everyone about your business with Dong Phuong Distributor!) Dong Phuong Distributor (Tell everyone about your business with Dong Phuong Distributor!)